Our Busy Real Estate Market

The real estate market is hot right now! There are a number of reasons for that, but the main ones come down to lots of people wanting to buy, a housing shortage, and not as many people wanting to sell. Those that may consider selling are trying to figure out what they would buy if they did sell. It is certainly an interesting time in real estate!

Our listings are being sold so quickly they are not even making it to our website before they are sold. Looking at annual comparisons, it is interesting to see how few properties we have listed in the past quarter compared to the same quarter the previous two years. Prices are up, loan terms are good, and there are MANY interested, willing, and qualified buyers.

If you want to sell, it is a good time to talk to an agent about a strategy to make sure you can sell at your top dollar, in a time frame that works for you, and yet still be realistic in your expectations. We can certainly help, and would like the opportunity to work with anyone interested in selling. We use sales data to back up our market analysis reports, and we use common sense to make the entire process as easy as we can. Stop by and see us, call, or email one of our agents to learn more.

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